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      What does dreaming of family members mean?

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      My dream begins with me lying in bed with my child’s mother. We both fell asleep. When I awake, I then engage in intense sex with her. She cleans up in the bathroom once we are finished, leaving me in bed. After a brief period of silence, she murmurs gently that her lover will arrive at home in the early hours of the morning. She responded “yes” when I asked whether she wanted me to leave. Her boyfriend walks past the bedroom door as I dress while he is staring straight ahead. I don’t know how he missed me, but he must have seen me since I took advantage of the chance to leave through the bedroom window.

      When I entered the hallway after entering the building just partially dressed, my sister was exiting one of the rooms. I questioned her as to why she was here and whether she intended to relocate here, which would entail leaving her current residence and its state. She informs me that she is leaving her current residence since she is sick of it. I asked her to collect my travel bag for me from the mother of my child’s room down the hall, which she does.

      My child’s mother’s boyfriend’s car was parked in front of my SUV when I entered the building’s garage. Fortunately, there is a space between the back wall and the open right side of the garage that will allow me to make my escape. My cousin, who is now sitting in the front seat next to me as I leave, informs me that some other members of our family also want to see me. As we traveled, I made the decision to stop at a self-wash vehicle wash because I had seen that the SUV was dirty. I exit the SUV and find change to put into the machine. A man is standing in front of me. We both stood there motionless for a brief period until he pulled out a gun, pointed it at me, and fired three shots in rapid succession.

      As he shot, I heard the gun crack and saw the flashes. We remained silent still facing one another. At last, I extended my hand and snatched the gun from him. I pointed the revolver at him and repeatedly pressed the trigger, but nothing occurred. I threw the gun at him as he turned and started running while laughing, and I ran after him. I went back to the SUV after failing to apprehend him, only to discover that my cousin and the cash I had in my wallet were both gone. My cousin was so hurried that he failed to notice the considerably greater amount of cash I had sitting on the seat in an envelope.

      The car wash employee said he was shocked by what had transpired and that the shooter was certainly using blinks. I put the coins in the machine and began the washing process, a little taken aback by everything that had occurred since I woke up next to my child’s mother that morning. After leaving the vehicle washer, I came out into a dusty dirt road that continued onto additional dusty dirt roads.

      It’s time for me to get up and go pee whenever I get lost in a dream as I had now become, so that’s exactly what I did. My dream came to an end, leaving me feeling a little gloomy and uneasy. As with every dream, a few specifics have been omitted in order to keep the document concise. Why did I have this dream? Who knows; I’m waiting for your dream analysis input.

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