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Welcome to your world of dream consciousness where we share our dreams for both entertainment and enlightenment. Why do we dream? Is it simply a biological mechanism to keep the brain alert and active as we sleep? Do we live simultaneously in many separate physical dimensions and our dreams are a glimpse into those other worlds that we individually coexist? What impact do our life experiences have on what we dream and why does so many of our dreams seem to have no practical relevance to what we have actually experienced thus far in our lives?

Psychic dreams

Can dreams be transmitted from one person to the next by mental telepathy or some other type of thought transference? Why are some dreams remembered and others are quickly forgotten as soon as we awaken? We as a cohesive unit will endeavor to unravel and decipher these and many other dreams conscious questions so that we may gain a clearer comprehension and perception of just who we are and why in the universe it even matters that we should have this in-depth awareness of ourselves.

Share your dreams with us as we will share ours with you. Perhaps within the misty haze of dreams, we can find common denominators that will prove of benefit to our understanding of ourselves and of others as well as our understanding of the planet Earth and the Universe that sustains and house us.

Dream meanings

Some dreams seem to make absolutely no sense, but that is because we have not found the appropriate keys of discernment to unlock them so that we may comprehend their message and hidden meaning. For instance, I have many dreams where I come to a pivotal point. Usually, this pivotal point is some type of call to action that I must undertake immediately.

This call to act may mean my very survival, or it could be an important decision that I need to reach at once to achieve a very desired outcome. At this vital juncture, I will either shift into a totally unrelated new dream or awaken from sleep. Now, what does that mean? Being a big success has been a goal of my life, and time after time I have short-circuited my objectives and aspirations by way of making bad choices and foolish decisions. Is this why during those paramount points in so many of my dreams that the dream fades away into oblivion before reaching a definite conclusion because, in life, I have often, dissolved into a slushy mush at the very moments that I needed to be firm, steadfast, and strong?

Why do people have reoccurring dreams?

Another case. I used to have regular to semi-regular occurring dreams about a former girlfriend of mine. Our relationship began on a positive note and then my forward momentum grind to a halt. No matter what I did, I could not seem to kick start my forward motion back to its proper course. And who did I blame for my setbacks? You guessed it. My girlfriend. I conveniently overlooked the fact that I had made the conscious decision to perpetually stay in a nostril deep, dense cloud of marijuana smoke and refused to correlate my stand still with my obsessive substance use. Of course, our relationship crashed dived and became a smoldering rubbish upon final impact. Which was good for her sake. Now during those dreams that I would have of her in the aftermath of our breakup our relationship would be somewhat confused.

On the one hand, she would be willing and consenting to seed the flowers of romance again with me, but at the same time, she would be like a vapor that was impossible for me the reach out and touch. She would always vanish when I got in range to take her within my arms and hold her thus confirming that our living and loving has returned with a better foundation and a hardier essence.

I seldom dream of her now as time and distance have run its course, but when I do it is always of the same likeness. What was, or is, this dream telling me? For one thing, it is telling me that I “F” up a good thing when I had it. It could also be telling me that in a parallel physical dimension our love life was not and is not compromised and that we are all for one and one for all in that realm of reality. This dream could also be telling me to learn from this and never, ever be that self-centered again.

Interpret my dreams

In some of my dreams, I am only an observer in the background watching as the dream unfolds. I can feel the emotions of the players in the dream, and I have an idea of how I would like the dream to play out but have no manipulation of any portion of the dream as it progresses before me. In every case, these types of dreams have tidbits and instances of my life experiences grafted into them. The hero, or the villain, is a persona of me as I would be seen by a viewer watching a stage performance.

In most cases the theme of the dream will change abruptly just when the substance of the dream is nearing critical mass. As an onlooker, I sometimes laugh at how ridiculous the theme of the dream degenerates as the subject matter gets sillier and sillier as the theme of the dream continues its downward spiral into utterly disjointed nonsense. The only thing that I can make out of these types of dreams is, not much, since they do not seem to be telling me anything. Or perhaps these types of dreams are telling me to my face just how I look to myself and how I routinely handle problematic situations.

What’s the meaning of dreams?

Our dreams are not in a disembodied vacuum. They are not momentary episodes of escapism. Our dreams are multifunctional and multidimensional tools having both a biological and educational purpose. Our dreams connect us to the cosmic database of eternal knowledge and gives us insights into ourselves.

We can, and should, share our dreams with each other to open doors of personal growth and understanding, to find hidden knowledge, solve perplexing riddles, entertain our imaginations, explore our lives as we are concurrently living them in this and other orbs and spears of realities. We as interconnected dream explorers will learn how to control and manipulate our dreams so that they are systematically communicated to us as we sleep or daydream, are relevant in scope, texture and substance and easy to interpret for thoughtful application and integration into our lives.

Good, bad, mediocre, seemingly trivial. Give us your dreams and we will give you ours and we shall see what illuminations will come of them. Being the abstract nature that dreams are, if you can only express your dreams in drawings and pictures, we will love for you to share them with us as visual aids will give more clarity and structure to the sometimes haphazard and inconsistent nature of dreams. Enough said, let’s share our dreams and expand our self-awareness and cognitive powers.

Understanding dreams and their meanings

Humans have always sought to understand themselves, other humans, the Earth that they inhabit, and the universe that contains them. Understanding leads to knowledge and knowledge leads to personal growth and hopefully a better living environment for the planet and all its creatures. Our dreams are telling us something about ourselves. Understanding and knowledge come by knowing how to correctly interpret our dreams and applying what we have gained to our thinking and behavior.

The messages in our dreams give us insights into what make us who we are and how we view the world around us. By relating and sharing our dreams with others, we gain different points of view. We help one another to unravel what our mind and body are attempting to communicate to us through our dreams. This is what this site is all about. Sharing our dreams so that we may move towards a higher level of existence within ourselves and within the eternity.

Share your dreams

Enough said, let’s share our dreams and expand our self-awareness and cognitive powers. Join the Dream forum, it’s free.

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