I Wonder


I Wonder

Thirdly-five minutes after midnight

I wonder what you are doing right now.

I hope that you are feeling fine, not in pain, and have peace of mind.

Perhaps you are asleep.

May your sleep be filled with soft, sweet dreams.

So far away, yet so close within my heart and mind.

Forty-three minutes after midnight

I wonder what is on your mind.

Are your thoughts those that give you rest?

I send out my thoughts to connect with yours.

Do you hear me in your mind?

Can you feel my love for you in my thoughts sent to you?

If you do, let me embrace you and cause the distance between us to fade away.

Fifty-five minutes after midnight

I wonder what you are doing right now.

Are you awake, or are you asleep?

You have no idea who I am.

You have no knowledge that I even exist.

So close and so far, away is my love for you.

That even the unknown is factual, and the unseen is visible.

Five minutes after one, I wonder about you.

As bright as the Stars.

And as soft and embracing as the Night are my thoughts of you.

How so abundantly I adore you.

So, enveloping do I love you.

Twenty-seven minutes after One

I wonder so lovingly about you.

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Herbert Hilliard Retired
Retired. BS Degree in Computer Information Systems, Jones College Jacksonville, Florida. US Army Vet.