The Ongoing End of The World Hoopla in A Gaseous Fart

The Ongoing End of The World Hoopla in A Gaseous Fart

The Ongoing End of The World Hoopla in A Gaseous Fart.

Throughout human history, there have always been people who passionately predict the end of the world and the downfall of humanity.

The idea of death and destruction is inherently fascinating to those not directly involved, leading each generation to produce individuals who claim to have mystical insights into the future.

These self-proclaimed seers go by various names like prophets, channelers, remote viewers, shamans, spirit guides, mediums, and alien emissaries found all over the world.

These people want to be regarded as elevated above the average human hordes and compensated in some way for being so generous in sharing their unique gifts with the common folk.

There are cosmic vibrations, sounds, frequencies, and luminosities that hold a vast array of information that can be tapped into if an individual syncs themselves to and into these properties.

It can be suggested that the past, present, and future are cyclical events recorded within different spheres of consciousness.

They can be accurately decoded by someone who can momentarily break out of material bondage and elevate themselves to a higher plane of cognitive existence.

Self-proclaimed Prophets

Self-proclaimed prophets in Western cultures are primarily driven by greed, self-promotion, the desire for recognition, pride, and contempt for people, other cultures, and social norms to declare knowledge and information they do not have.

Some Christians embrace apocalyptic beliefs because of their conviction in the rapture doctrine, which leads them to feel unique, chosen, and set apart from all other people on earth.

I am not a prophet, seer, or shaman, but I can predict with absolute certainty that the end of one world and the decline of a specific humanity will occur when my body finally ceases to function.

I, unlike many who claim to have special knowledge, cannot predict when bugs and worms will consume me. Hopefully, they won’t mind a bitter aftertaste if they do decide to take a bite.

The Platians, Nibiru, Flat Earthers, and the Anunnaki all fit into the same category as the Christians, Jews, Muslims, channelers, and alien abductees. They are all seen as liars, either willfully or due to self-delusion.

These people are so self-absorbed that they constantly make themselves look foolish by making endless predictions that never come true.

They crave attention and seek admiration from naive individuals. They consume others’ thoughts and feed on their energies.

I believe that part of why people are fascinated by doom is that there is a desire within us to see the destruction of planet Earth and all its life forms.


We are spiritual beings, but we have lost touch with our spiritual nature, leaving us feeling incomplete and disconnected. This emptiness is filled with hatred and conflict, and we long for an end to this imperfection.

The point of all that has been discussed is simply that life goes on and everyone will eventually face the end of the world and the end of their life.

Despite not having any special powers or connection to otherworldly beings, I predict that every living person will experience the end of the world.

This prediction is based on evidence, not on falsehoods or wishful thinking.

A Personal Experience

I want to share a personal experience that has shaped my perspective on life. When my mother and grandfather passed away, I saw something inexplicable.

Following each of their deaths, I saw a radiant orb of light appear, swiftly travel along the ceiling, and then vanish into the wall.

I felt a strong sense that these orbs were manifestations of my mother and grandfather, as if they were trying to communicate with me.

I am resolute in my belief that my loved ones transitioned from one form of existence to another, and that my grief did not distort my perception.

In laboratories around the world, many people are actively working to bring to fruition the predictions made by certain individuals.

HIV and AIDS are seen as just trial runs for what these individuals have planned and are ready to release upon the world at what they consider to be the opportune moment.

The Vigilantes

I use the term “vigilantes” to describe them because they seem to have the mindset of an unruly mob that wishes to harm every person on Earth.

Of course, they will also target those who cannot be harmed with conventional weapons, such as bullets, bombs, chemicals, and viruses.

They may even try to create human-animal hybrids, despite the fact that such fabricated creatures are not able to reproduce and are destined for extinction, as showed by ancient history.

It’s important to remember that a little knowledge can lead to a lot of trouble. When individuals meddle with things they don’t fully understand, they are like infants trying to force the wrong pieces into a new puzzle and risk harming themselves.

The world we live in may be just an illusion or a small part of something greater. It’s like a dream or maybe a nightmare. This is why most things we see are like pieces of a puzzle that don’t quite fit together.


Our minds often see things the way we want to, not the way they really are, which can lead to unrealistic beliefs.

Short-term goals and events like sunrise and sunset are clear and simple. But long-term goals and the overall meaning of life are less clear.

It’s hard to know for certain why life exists and what its purpose is. It seems like life doesn’t have a clear, underlying purpose.

It seems that the original passage is a philosophical reflection on the impermanence of life and the concept of time. Here’s a rewrite to make it clearer:

The Planet Earth

The planet Earth will continue to thrive long after its current life forms have disappeared without a trace. Despite our perception of time, there is no guarantee of tomorrow.

We, as finite beings, should acknowledge our limited understanding and avoid causing harm and destruction.

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