Hot Percolating Mineral Water

Queen5 - Hot Percolating Mineral Water

Washing in the hot percolating mineral water of a spring warmed by the liquid asthenosphere of the carbon-based earth is the resemblance of the divinity Hathor who manages the sky and the idea of the heart. She who washes in foaming waters is a long way past human impulses having complete control of her desires doing just that which is a commendation to the beauty and the greatness of the endless vibrational frequencies of presence.

Submerging herself in the hot bubbly waters of a carbon-based mineral spring, the people of old look in wonder that she whom they love ought to benefit herself from an earth vibrational frequency that lays out them as living cognizant elements. Absorbing her ravishing chestnut skin in foaming waters warmed by the carbon-based earth’s liquid asthenosphere, the resemblance of Hathor celebrates the people who feel her solidarity when they when they come to a true awareness of themselves.

Endless Vibrational Frequencies

In a vast expanse of endless vibrational frequencies, she who washes herself in gurgling water can show her presence in all vibrations of real factors and in any evenness of presence that she picks since she is all, and she is anything that she decides to be. The divinity king unobtrusively looks as surges of mineral water warmed by the liquid asthenosphere of the earth sparkles as it covers the amazing physical make-up of the resemblance of the divinity Hathor.

The Divinity King

The divinity king might want to take her who washes, to catch her, to drink her, to stand her next to him, however being the similarity of Hathor she who douses herself with gurgling spring water is a power by her own being that cannot be challenged. The guidance of the consistencies will safeguard the poise of all elements paying little mind to which full it possesses. The advice of the counsels of the regularities honors the divinity Hathor who imagined them and to her similarity giving gifts of acclaim to her and to her resemblance from inside their gathering.

The divinity king remains on the mount of seeing and needing discreetly noticing the similarity of the divinity Hathor as she washes in hot percolating mineral water of a spring warmed by the liquid asthenosphere of the carbon-based earth. A liquid center of reverence and want drinks the divinity king’s psyche as a drop of mineral water tumbles from the similarity of the divinity Hathor’s lips.

His Spoken Words – Hot Percolating Mineral Water

The divinity king has an endlessness of magnificent words that he needs to share with her, to such an extent that his mouth will not open and pass them on to her. Somewhere far off the priestess of the evermore who are the entertainers of the congruity are superbly playing instruments and singing psalms that retells the narratives of old. Percolating mineral water of a spring warmed by the liquid asthenosphere of the earth is contacting and touching the actual qualities of the similarity of the divinity Hathor in manners that the divinity king can merely fantasize about.

The similarity of the divinity Hathor realizes that she is being watched, and she knows by whom she is being admired. In another earth frequency the similarity of the divinity Hathor was challenged by the person who wants her now and crushed him within the sight of the guidance of the consistencies with such a significant whipping that all who saw it had empathy to swathe the injuries of the divinity king.

However here the divinity ruler remains on the mount of seeing and needing arguing without addressing her who is in the resemblance of the divinity Hathor that she ought to embrace and get to know him.

Hot Percolating Mineral Water – Hathor who Governs the Sky

After she has completed her bath and has dressed herself with shining outfits and designed her hair with stars how might the similarity of the divinity Hathor answer the pursuits of the divinity king? Washing in the hot gurgling mineral water of a spring warmed by the liquid asthenosphere of the earth is the resemblance of the divinity Hathor who governs the sky and the idea of the heart; thus, it goes.

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Beneath a Balboa Tree

Beneath a Balboa tree. Eons ago, the splendor of Nut fell upon a young man as he sat beneath a balboa tree during the middle of the day. The radiance of her perfect pitch-black resplendency caused the heart of this young man to feel as though it was melting away within the darkness of Nut’s delicate loveliness. Being placed within an altered state of consciousness as she began to speak to him the resonance of her voice contained all the wisdom of the known and the unknown in all their majesties of frequencies and colors.

pc - Beneath a Balboa Tree

Lifting the young man into her arms and pressing his mouth to one of her breasts the young man is suckled by Nut with the knowledge that she has acquired over the ages. Knowledge that she has assimilated before there was a before and knowledge that she knows is to come within the expanse of the ongoing.

Beneath a Balboa Tree – Eternally Bright

Eternally bright from epoch to epoch, forever unfolding in luminosity, Nut gives her acquired wisdom to this young man whom she has adopted unto herself. Immortal to mortal, immeasurable frequencies and colors given to most beloved water and dirt, Nut spares none of her acquired wisdom to the young man as she breastfeeds him with that which she has created and with that which she has learned.

As a covering over him Nut is the young man’s protector and sustainer, his giver of life and his reincarnation to existence after life. As it were a babe sitting beneath a balboa tree during the middle of the day the young man’s growing astuteness towards realities far beyond himself are judicious and prudent under the weight of maturity that the milk of Nut’s quintessence is likewise installing into him.

Truth in a Kernel

A kernel of truth is not the truth and a tidbit of this is not the whole of that. Fashioned for her pleasure the young man is now Nut’s treasure giving light to those who want light and a dense darkness to those who do not want to partake of her intense dark beauty. Truly, this young man has come of age as ages have come to him by the wisdom that is being given to him by the covering of Nut.

So, what am I to say as one of the lost and found? Am I to ignore the wisdom that Nut as given to the young man and wallow within the distortions of the falsifiers as most of the peoples of the world so dim-wittingly do? Glow with the glowing of Nut’s eyes and shine with the brightness of Nut’s smile for she is your covering and your truth that will guide and protect you from yourself and from those who want to harm you.

Beneath a Balboa Tree – Free your Mind


Free your mind of the ideologies and philosophies of those who are not of Nut, those who have made the planet earth an unhealthy place to live and who ultimately want to destroy it and all its creatures and distort the story of life (history) to magnify themselves.

Beneath a Balboa tree sat a young man whose name is my name, whose name is your name. While sitting beneath this Balboa tree during the middle of the day the luminosity of Nut embraced this young man elevating his manner of thinking, enlightening him to this but not that, and raising him from the bottom to the uttermost highest which is his native state of existence.

Intelligence is Fixed

So it is that intelligence is fixed within the braids of Nut’s hair and enlightenment is her abode and all whom are her own who want to devour her whole is free to do so for Nut is the shroud of elegance and layers of enfolding. And it is so.

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I live my life with vivid dreams of you

melanated-6-1 -vivid dreams

I live my life with vivid dreams of you, and if only my vivid dreams of you will come true. In my dreams of you I find peace and contentment. A peace and a contentment that only comes with the thoughts of you. As close as they are and as far away as they are, the reality of my visions places me next to you. Close beside you, even as close beside you as touching me.

My vivid dreams of being with you are dreams that I hope will come true. As true as holding you in my arms and as real as a soft kiss to your palms. Is it possible that you may feel the same as I do? That you dream of being close to me as I dream of being close to you. If this is so, then let both of our dreams come true. Let both of our dreams become a kiss in the dark, and bright and shining eyes in the sunlight.

My life is as empty of substance as it is filled with the hope of a relationship with you. You’re caring for me is the substance that fills an empty life and brings hope to a rewarding maturity. A rewarding maturity that brings hope to life in a fixed place that cannot be shaken, and bends only far enough whereas not to be broken.

I have no secrets that cannot be clearly explained, and I have no thoughts of you that should cause me any shame. My respect for you as a person and as a woman is beyond reproach. As pristine as the galaxies orbiting within the blanket of space. As nourishing and caressing as the life-giving stars. As pure as a whisper of love into your ear. As faultless as my dreams of having you nearby.

Criticize me if you like for wanting the best. Judge me for more or for less for dreaming grandiose dreams and having lavish visions of whom I consider to be the perfect one. The perfect one for me in intelligence, looks, and figure. The one in whom I feel so relaxed and comfortable in her company. The one whose conversation is engaging and entertaining. The one whose smile makes love to me. Say whatever you may as I take her hand and we walk away into the sunlight of our divine.

My vivid dreams may be ambitious but the one I am dreaming of is very impressive aspiring me to obtain the cradle of my heart. An aspirant without delusion. A want to be without confusion. A wishful at the beckoning of her finger. A falling to the knees kissing her in prolonged intimacy. A reason to put aside believing and live in the confidence of knowing.

Rest quietly with pleasant thoughts whether asleep or awake. The moment is coming when loneliness is broken, and fulfillment will appear in dazzling splendor. The soft deliberate steps approaching is the end of dreaming and the beginning of ecstasy in the heavenly realms of her companionship. And this will be so until the stars blank away into nothingness.

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Eyes of paradise as soft as the night.

Eyes of paradise as delicate as the evening. How I long for you to come into my life. Who am I to wish for you, though? The reality of my fantasies of holding you is so far away. My dreams of strolling hand in hand with you are just daydreams in my psyche.

However, I feel solace in the distant authenticity of my fantasies and find harmony of psyche in my clear imaginings of you. Lips of composition as welcoming as the closeness of a kiss. I long for the friendship of one who is so dear to me. Nevertheless, why should I go after the most brilliant star lighting the sky?

My considerations of you are a safeguard that shields you from all mischief that stands up to you. With strength and force, I safeguard you from harm and maltreatment. I honor your strong will and intellect with respect. With euphoria I wash myself in your consideration. Yet, why should I swim in a precious crystal stream and drink the sweet waters of your wonderful virtue? My heart liquefies into your smile with the best of glimmers having all joy to get and all happiness to acquire inside the glow of a grin so delicate and light.

Show me how to talk in a manner to really speak with you. So that we can move beyond the realm of conversation and into the realm of clarity and comprehension by telling you the things I want you to know in a pleasant melody. I request these things from you from the heights and from the depths of my heart.

Jewel of sensuous delight take hold of me and cradle me within your closeness. Treat me as if I am a fine fabric embracing your most delicate parts. Throw me to the ground and consume me like a meal dressed for eating. Say my name in a voice that conveys the wealth of your affections for me. Make love to me until I pass out in total bliss. If I am asking too much of you do not stress, just do as you will with me as thoroughly as you may.

Why am I saying all these things? I am pouring out my heart and mind to you because I adore you. I am not whispering nor am I being evasive because I want you to understand me plainly. I know that I am asking a great deal of you, but you are a magnificent amount to ask for, so what can I do except be true to my feelings for you. Eyes of paradise as soft as the twilight, the ardent appearance of your legs and thighs makes me want to fiddle as Rome burns in the night.

I am being true to myself which I am determined to be so with you. The light in my eyes is not a reflection of a vague mirroring of what I want our companionship to be but is the radiance and glow of having a wholesome relationship with you that is as genuine as genuine can be. My desire for you is sincere and just and is unfiltered as possible with all decency and integrity. Wrap your legs around my head to the fullest degree of respiration so that I may breathe freely in the jovialness that you provide me.

Esteemed of my most reverent admiration and loveliest whisper, I am at my wits end to properly convey my heartfelt message to you. Help me to sing a song of love to you. Instruct me as to how I may endear myself to you. Let none of my words to you be in vain but be fruitful and prosperous in winning you over.

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