One touch is too much

One touch is too much, and one touch is not enough as I plea for mercy under the captivation of total surrender. Captivation that plummets me into the celestial sphere of completeness. Little did I know that the sight seen could be so exquisite or words not spoken could convey so much meaning. One day is not like another and a moment in time can seem to last for a wonderful eternity. How can I explain the magnitude of beloved and elucidate adored that is gift wrapped in cherished.

Once there was a sound of much weeping surrounding the planet Earth and now those cries of weeping have been replaced by the shouts for vengeance. Reprisal and retaliation for all the innocent blood that has been spilled by those whose arrogance and conceit caused them to do horrendous things to other people on behalf of their god and the flawed superiority of their race. The sheet is over the heads of those who lurk in shadows and an animalistic throng is whipped up into a frenzy of madness.

Set apart for caressing and hugging the just right is nearer to my heart than my heart is to me. The air that I breathe is fragranced by an exhale from a strong magnetism that invigorates my desires for life. A refreshment stimulated by a soothing appearance and a calm nature fills the air with so many delightful melodies. Melodies that sing and dance within every caring and loving element of my consciousness. A fragment of a morsel is a full meal that can never be polished off in one dining. And perhaps a zillion dining will produce a satisfied burp with a complimentary break of wind.

The ghosts of multitudes of bodies hanging from trees are arrayed for battle awaiting their marching orders. All the animals that have been and are still being needlessly slaughtered have developed ravenous and terrifying fangs and claws in support of their insatiable appetites for those who hunt for sport.

The atmosphere is tempestuous in retaliation for all the atomic and nuclear bombs that have exploded into it. Nature will tame those who sought to tame it in their vanity of self-importance. The meek will fall by the elephant gun and the strong will die of starvation when the spirits wreak havoc upon the complacent, self-righteous, and self-satisfied.

On a summer’s day the winter snow blankets the landscape for miles in every direction. Forming from the snow a body appears. A body appears from the snow blanketing the landscape in every direction on a summer’s day. The sun is shining brightly, a pleasant breeze is softly flowing, the leaves are joyously swaying back and forth in the trees. The leaves are blissfully undulating in the trees, the wind is fluttering with a velvety kiss to the skin, the sun is reassuring and radiant in its luminosity as winter snow carpets the terrain as far as the mind can conceive on a summer’s day.

From the snow a body is forming. modeling out of the snow a translucent body takes shape on a summer’s day where the leaves in the trees are lusciously humming, the air is cradled inside a revitalizing breeze, the rays of the sun are energizing to the life-force on a summer’s day quilted in snow that covers the terrain as far as a thought can reach. And engrossing that body are all the coziness of home.

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