What do I call them?

Cute robot

What do I call them since they are no longer women or females? I suppose anything that comes to mind. Under the current trend men and animated hardware are systematically replacing them, so what should I call them. I suppose that I will call them anything that seems appropriate in my mind at the time.

Whatever they are now, a growing number of them are convinced that they do not have the slightest clue as to what they are, so who am I to question the current fad? Even those who have given birth to a child are woefully in the dark concerning their biological nature. How can someone allow themselves to be so whitewashed and brainwashed is beyond me.

The United States is the primary agent of this growing assault on whatever you now choose to call them. Just as the United States have been and still is the primary agent in spreading the fear and hatred of so-called Black men around the world. European males have always felt threatened and insecure about their women which is why they have sought so hard to dominate them. So, this new trend is only their latest efforts to diminish the status of those who make them feel vulnerable.

Heart robot

Do I call them by name, or do I call them by anything, seeing that they are neither this nor that now? I will call them a biological entity soon to become extinct and an active participant in their own demise. The first born should not participate in the distortion and the destruction of life. The first born should grow beyond the servile mind and be strong and creative again. The past is wonderful but the present and the future are more important for the stability of the planet and the cosmos.

What should I call those who are floating in the current bubble since the mob restricts what I can say to predefined and acceptable pronouns? I will say that silence is a despot’s solace and loudness accomplish nothing in the long term. How long will the crowd applaud without understanding the plot of the play? When will the mind prevail over bad manners? This will only happen when the first-born overthrow those who currently control and influence the world, only then can positive changes come about.