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      Herbert Hilliard

      So-called experts use a broad stroke to interpret dreams whereas dreams are an individual and personal manifestation of a person’s life experiences, beliefs, emotions, culture, and physical and mental health.

      For example, when I dream of running my legs are so heavy and stiff that moving them is greatly impeded. When I analyze dreams in which I am running the impediment of my legs seems to be the product of a job accident that placed me in a wheelchair and using a walker for over a year.

      In another example, dreams where I feel confided and locked within myself struggling frantically to break free seems to be feeding off the fact that I have not been able to achieve the goals that I have been aspiring for.

      Many other factors may influence what we dream, such as all the radio, microwave, and other electronic signals that are constantly interacting with the electronics of our brain. Since these signals are coded messages and images the subliminal input of external images and visions into our dreams is high.

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