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Hot Percolating Mineral Water

Queen5 - Hot Percolating Mineral Water

Washing in the hot percolating mineral water of a spring warmed by the liquid asthenosphere of the carbon-based earth is the resemblance of the divinity Hathor who manages the sky and the idea of the heart. She who washes in foaming waters is a long way past human impulses having complete control of her desires doing just that which is a commendation to the beauty and the greatness of the endless vibrational frequencies of presence.

Submerging herself in the hot bubbly waters of a carbon-based mineral spring, the people of old look in wonder that she whom they love ought to benefit herself from an earth vibrational frequency that lays out them as living cognizant elements. Absorbing her ravishing chestnut skin in foaming waters warmed by the carbon-based earth’s liquid asthenosphere, the resemblance of Hathor celebrates the people who feel her solidarity when they when they come to a true awareness of themselves.

Endless Vibrational Frequencies

In a vast expanse of endless vibrational frequencies, she who washes herself in gurgling water can show her presence in all vibrations of real factors and in any evenness of presence that she picks since she is all, and she is anything that she decides to be. The divinity king unobtrusively looks as surges of mineral water warmed by the liquid asthenosphere of the earth sparkles as it covers the amazing physical make-up of the resemblance of the divinity Hathor.

The Divinity King

The divinity king might want to take her who washes, to catch her, to drink her, to stand her next to him, however being the similarity of Hathor she who douses herself with gurgling spring water is a power by her own being that cannot be challenged. The guidance of the consistencies will safeguard the poise of all elements paying little mind to which full it possesses. The advice of the counsels of the regularities honors the divinity Hathor who imagined them and to her similarity giving gifts of acclaim to her and to her resemblance from inside their gathering.

The divinity king remains on the mount of seeing and needing discreetly noticing the similarity of the divinity Hathor as she washes in hot percolating mineral water of a spring warmed by the liquid asthenosphere of the carbon-based earth. A liquid center of reverence and want drinks the divinity king’s psyche as a drop of mineral water tumbles from the similarity of the divinity Hathor’s lips.

His Spoken Words – Hot Percolating Mineral Water

The divinity king has an endlessness of magnificent words that he needs to share with her, to such an extent that his mouth will not open and pass them on to her. Somewhere far off the priestess of the evermore who are the entertainers of the congruity are superbly playing instruments and singing psalms that retells the narratives of old. Percolating mineral water of a spring warmed by the liquid asthenosphere of the earth is contacting and touching the actual qualities of the similarity of the divinity Hathor in manners that the divinity king can merely fantasize about.

The similarity of the divinity Hathor realizes that she is being watched, and she knows by whom she is being admired. In another earth frequency the similarity of the divinity Hathor was challenged by the person who wants her now and crushed him within the sight of the guidance of the consistencies with such a significant whipping that all who saw it had empathy to swathe the injuries of the divinity king.

However here the divinity ruler remains on the mount of seeing and needing arguing without addressing her who is in the resemblance of the divinity Hathor that she ought to embrace and get to know him.

Hot Percolating Mineral Water – Hathor who Governs the Sky

After she has completed her bath and has dressed herself with shining outfits and designed her hair with stars how might the similarity of the divinity Hathor answer the pursuits of the divinity king? Washing in the hot gurgling mineral water of a spring warmed by the liquid asthenosphere of the earth is the resemblance of the divinity Hathor who governs the sky and the idea of the heart; thus, it goes.

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I live my life with vivid dreams of you

melanated-6-1 -vivid dreams

I live my life with vivid dreams of you, and if only my vivid dreams of you will come true. In my dreams of you I find peace and contentment. A peace and a contentment that only comes with the thoughts of you. As close as they are and as far away as they are, the reality of my visions places me next to you. Close beside you, even as close beside you as touching me.

My vivid dreams of being with you are dreams that I hope will come true. As true as holding you in my arms and as real as a soft kiss to your palms. Is it possible that you may feel the same as I do? That you dream of being close to me as I dream of being close to you. If this is so, then let both of our dreams come true. Let both of our dreams become a kiss in the dark, and bright and shining eyes in the sunlight.

My life is as empty of substance as it is filled with the hope of a relationship with you. You’re caring for me is the substance that fills an empty life and brings hope to a rewarding maturity. A rewarding maturity that brings hope to life in a fixed place that cannot be shaken, and bends only far enough whereas not to be broken.

I have no secrets that cannot be clearly explained, and I have no thoughts of you that should cause me any shame. My respect for you as a person and as a woman is beyond reproach. As pristine as the galaxies orbiting within the blanket of space. As nourishing and caressing as the life-giving stars. As pure as a whisper of love into your ear. As faultless as my dreams of having you nearby.

Criticize me if you like for wanting the best. Judge me for more or for less for dreaming grandiose dreams and having lavish visions of whom I consider to be the perfect one. The perfect one for me in intelligence, looks, and figure. The one in whom I feel so relaxed and comfortable in her company. The one whose conversation is engaging and entertaining. The one whose smile makes love to me. Say whatever you may as I take her hand and we walk away into the sunlight of our divine.

My vivid dreams may be ambitious but the one I am dreaming of is very impressive aspiring me to obtain the cradle of my heart. An aspirant without delusion. A want to be without confusion. A wishful at the beckoning of her finger. A falling to the knees kissing her in prolonged intimacy. A reason to put aside believing and live in the confidence of knowing.

Rest quietly with pleasant thoughts whether asleep or awake. The moment is coming when loneliness is broken, and fulfillment will appear in dazzling splendor. The soft deliberate steps approaching is the end of dreaming and the beginning of ecstasy in the heavenly realms of her companionship. And this will be so until the stars blank away into nothingness.

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Interpreting your dreams by analyzing your life experiences

Analyzing your life experiences

Analyzing your life experiences can be a helpful approach when interpreting your dreams. By examining your personal history, emotions, and significant events, you can gain a deeper understanding of the possible meanings behind your dream symbols and narratives. Here are some steps you can follow:

  1. Keep a dream journal: Start by recording your dreams immediately after waking up. Include as many details as possible, such as people, places, objects, and emotions you experienced in the dream.
  2. Identify recurring themes and symbols: Look for patterns or symbols that appear frequently in your dreams. Pay attention to objects, people, animals, or situations that repeat across different dreams.
  3. Connect with your emotions: Reflect on the emotions you felt during the dream and see if they relate to any current or past events in your life. Consider how these emotions may be linked to your waking life experiences and your emotional state.
  4. Consider personal associations: Think about your personal associations with the symbols in your dream. For example, if you dream of a cat, what does a cat mean to you personally? It could represent independence, mystery, or something entirely different based on your experiences and cultural background.
  5. Explore underlying conflicts or desires: Dreams often reflect our unconscious thoughts, conflicts, and desires. Analyze the narrative of your dream and try to uncover any hidden messages or unresolved issues that may be surfacing.
  6. Look for connections to waking life events: Consider any recent or significant events in your life that might be connected to your dreams. Your dreams may provide insights or alternative perspectives on these events.
  7. Seek professional guidance if needed: If you’re struggling to interpret your dreams or if they consistently cause distress, consider consulting with a professional, such as a psychologist or therapist, who specializes in dream analysis or psychotherapy.

Remember that dream interpretation is highly subjective, and the most important aspect is finding meaning that resonates with you personally. Trust your intuition and use your own insights to make sense of your dreams.

Interpreting your dreams and Common dream themes and symbols

Dreams can contain a wide variety of themes and symbols, and their meanings can vary depending on the individual and their personal experiences.

Remember that these interpretations are general guidelines, and the context of the dream and the dreamer’s personal associations play a crucial role in understanding the symbols. It’s essential to consider your own feelings, experiences, and cultural background when interpreting your dreams.

Here are some common themes and symbols that often appear in dreams:

  1. Flying: Represents freedom, liberation, or a desire to escape from a situation.
  2. Falling: Symbolizes a loss of control, fear, or a lack of support in waking life.
  3. Water: Can represent emotions, the unconscious mind, or the flow of life. Calm water may indicate tranquility, while turbulent water may signify emotional turmoil.
  4. Animals: Different animals carry various symbolic meanings. For example, a cat can represent independence or mystery, while a dog may symbolize loyalty or protection.
  5. Teeth: Often associated with concerns about appearance, communication, or feeling vulnerable.
  6. Death: Symbolizes the end of a phase or transformation rather than literal death. It can represent personal growth, change, or the need to let go of the past.
  7. Chasing: Represents a pursuit or fear of something in waking life, such as ambitions, relationships, or unresolved issues.
  8. Being naked: Signifies vulnerability, self-consciousness, or the fear of being exposed.
  9. Houses: Symbolize the self and different aspects of the dreamer’s personality or life. Different rooms may represent different emotions or areas of life.
  10. Vehicles: Represent the journey through life. The condition and control of the vehicle can reflect the dreamer’s sense of control and direction.
  11. People: Often reflect aspects of the dreamer’s own personality, desires, or relationships. Pay attention to how you feel and interact with the people in your dreams.
  12. Mirrors: Symbolize self-reflection, self-image, or the need to examine oneself and gain insight into personal identity.

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What I Am Told

What I am told. But what I am told is built on a canvas of lies. So, what should I believe when my belief is shaped by what I am told? What I am told, and I say that that is so even when what I am told is not possible for me to know.

Believing in the scarcely credible is giving yourself false confidence, and the unlikely to be true is what I am told that I should know. I open my heart and empty my mind so that what cannot be verified I can accept without the handicap of a questioning mind.

What I am told is what I do not need to know. If what I am told is not realistic, does not make sense, and is not uplifting and enlightening. So, what am I to believe when what I am told is designed to make a fool of me?

Empty is the head having a mind that refuses to think for itself. Where any and everything can be dumped into a hallow shell and find comfort within it. The things that I am told are not about the truth. They are about their unreal reality.

What I am told goes into one nostril and comes out of my behind. Yet what I am told is the foundation of my beliefs. A fantasy foundation that crumbles under scrutiny and falls apart in the slightest breeze.

What I am told is impossible to know without having the faith to believe that it is so, and faith without knowledge is like a shadow that appears without any light to produce it. So, what I am told I believe by faith without proof or knowledge.

I feel the warmth of life when I am in her arms. She is strong. She is beautiful. I do not need faith to know what I know about her. What I am told has nothing to do with her because I know she is the woman for me.

The empty head is filled by her presence, and all my questions are answered by her touch. I know this without being told when I investigate the smile for me that is in her eyes. What I am not being told, I know for sure.

I know that her dark brown skin makes my dark brown skin tingle. That yes and no means yes and no. And that the reality of she and I is the reality of nature as it is meant to be.

What I am told is that I should live in an illusionary world of shadows and that I should make this shadowy world my reality. What I am told is that I should adjust my life to conform to someone else’s standards and not even try to create quality standards of my own.

This is what I am told. And to what I am told, I say no. But what am I except a breath away from death? My thoughts and feelings are like falling leaves having no place to rest. One moment is all moments this I know to be so without being told as I hear and feel the fragility of my heart beating.

My path is defined by her outstretched hands beckoning me to her. In my mind, I have no wits that are apart from hers. The things I tell myself are all that I need to know about her.

And what I know about her is good for me. Darkness is the path to perfect blackness, and perfect blackness is the cosmos singing in harmony.

I live. I die. I die. I live. As one is the same as the other. And so, I kiss her hands, and I kiss her feet because what I am told cannot compare to doing this.

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