How sick?


How sick do some elements want to be?  When they see a black panther before their eyes, they willfully perceive it as being a white pig. To what extent are some willing to lie to themselves? When their vision of the Universe is only a product of their mind. When their reality is only an illusion that they have erroneously produced, that gives them a false sense of superiority over human beings.

How sick do some elements want to be? Why should human beings care if the choice of back-ass-wards elements of the natural is to live in a lie? A torrent of lies that are systematically falling apart at the seams, and there is nothing that they can do to prevent it from colliding with facts and reality.

Genetic anomalies have brought nothing but conflict and sorrow to the Earth and all of its many life forms. And not being satisfied with ruining the Earth, they reach for the Stars to spoil them as well. Biological deviants have transformed the Earth into a cemetery populated by the animated dead because there is no transcendent life within them, so they want to kill the people who do have life within themselves.

I saw the diadem of perfectly harmonious impeccable order on her head with the points of departures and the points of beginnings being the foundations for her feet. The pneuma emanating from her bright brown eyes melted away the light into a bountiful blackness that shines brighter than the mortal mind can conceive.

How sick do some human beings want to be as they happily wallow within the warped paradigm of the unnatural that by all accounts would be extinct had they not broken out of their ice cage and attached themselves to human beings?

Why have human beings allowed their honor and self-respect to be taken away from them by beasts? Also, why does a human being look to quirks of nature to give you what they have strategically taken away from you?

Likewise, why does a human being covet praise from biological degenerates that have no concept of what true praise is? And why does a human being find acceptance in the smile on a bastard of nature’s face that is tactfully concealing the contempt, scorn, and laughter that they have for you all the while knowing that a lie disguises itself in many forms?

I saw the apex of love and joy on his head and the steadfastness of the queen of the harmonious universe supporting his feet. The pneuma emanating from his bright brown eyes merged with her perfect unsoiled blackness and transformed the voluntary dead into self-thinking, fast-moving energies of true light and life.

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I Wonder


I Wonder

Thirdly-five minutes after midnight

I wonder what you are doing right now.

I hope that you are feeling fine, not in pain, and have peace of mind.

Perhaps you are asleep.

May your sleep be filled with soft, sweet dreams.

So far away, yet so close within my heart and mind.

Forty-three minutes after midnight

I wonder what is on your mind.

Are your thoughts those that give you rest?

I send out my thoughts to connect with yours.

Do you hear me in your mind?

Can you feel my love for you in my thoughts sent to you?

If you do, let me embrace you and cause the distance between us to fade away.

Fifty-five minutes after midnight

I wonder what you are doing right now.

Are you awake, or are you asleep?

You have no idea who I am.

You have no knowledge that I even exist.

So close and so far, away is my love for you.

That even the unknown is factual, and the unseen is visible.

Five minutes after one, I wonder about you.

As bright as the Stars.

And as soft and embracing as the Night are my thoughts of you.

How so abundantly I adore you.

So, enveloping do I love you.

Twenty-seven minutes after One

I wonder so lovingly about you.

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Dream Interpretation

According to Wikipedia, “Dream interpretation is the process of assigning meaning to dreams. Although associated with some forms of psychotherapy, there is no reliable evidence that understanding or interpreting dreams have a positive impact on one’s mental health.”

DreamWhack does not claim to be a dream interpretation site, it is a meeting place for dreamers to exchange their dream experiences with one another and come to their conclusion as to what their dreams are trying to tell them.

So-called experts use a broad stroke to interpret dreams whereas dreams are an individual and personal manifestation of a person’s life experiences, beliefs, emotions, culture, and physical and mental health.

For example, when I dream of running my legs are so heavy and stiff that moving them is greatly impeded. When I analyze dreams in which I am running the impediment of my legs seems to be the product of a job accident that placed me in a wheelchair and using a walker for over a year.

In another example, dreams where I feel confided and locked within myself struggling frantically to break free seems to be feeding off the fact that I have not been able to achieve the goals that I have been aspiring for.

Many other factors may influence what we dream, such as all the radio, microwave, and other electronic signals that are constantly interacting with the electronics of our brain. The subliminal input of external images into our dreams are high since these signals are coded messages and images and visions of our life experiences.

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Ethereal Darkness

Haunting is the howl of the lone wolf during a moonlit night. What is the wolf saying to the thin air? What message is the wolf conveying to whatsoever that hears it? Airy Light and Ethereal Darkness know the wolf and its message.

Out of Ethereal Darkness came Airy Light. That Airy Light ignited into Spheres and Worlds. Those Spheres and Worlds gave birth to many elements and creatures.

Out of Ethereal Darkness came everything that is. Everything that is refreshes itself by transitioning into a new essence of being. This new being is the unchanging factor of eternity.

Ethereal Darkness holds all the ingredients of time and motion and caused the linear extensions to come about. Time and motion became an array of many substances as Ethereal Darkness sang a Song that only she knows.

The dazzling of All-Mother is the dazzling of wonders. These wonders are the amazements of the known and the unknown. The goal of expansion is to collapse back into Ethereal Darkness, where it existed before All-Mother sang her Song. Expansion desires this because of the perfect purities of its former home.

Haunting is the silent cry of a lonely person during the day or the night. Many are sound asleep that seem fully awake. Airy Light and Ethereal Darkness open her quintessence for these so that they may freely enter within her.

A fixed world transforms in less than an instant. Everything can be abruptly shaken out of its place in as short an interval as silence is between the notes of a Song. The righteous and the virtuous are just another way of saying absolutely nothing. Humanity wallows in the clutches of corruption that has been inflicted upon the world and its peoples by newcomers.

The matted floor has mildew living beneath it. A day in a person’s life is only one of many days that many cell tissues have died. Airy Light and Ethereal Darkness know this all too well, toughening the hopeless and welcoming the lonely at heart into time and motion. Do not weep with the weeper, nor laugh with the foolish. Stay sound and firm in your person. Be bold in your purposes, giving joy and peace to the world, beginning with that one person.

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